AVIONICS & Military

TOVA OPTECH designs and manufactures optical glass, shock-resistant window filters used to enhance the optical performance and function of ruggidized displays systems.

We provide to pioneer the most advanced EMI shielding filter and Heater Filter solutions in the Avionic, Marine and Defense industry. The products include glass, sapphire, ceramic and polymer substrates coated with vacuum deposited technology.

To archive the stronger EMI/RFI shielding demands, TOVA 's EMI shielding products make with micro metal mesh or low ohm conducive coatings.
and All production quality testing is doing under MIL-810F environments condition.

TOVA also manufactures complete enhanced optical-bonded display assemblies with EMI shielding window glass and Heater glass.

EMI shielding glass

Heater glass

Index matched ITO glass

Hybrid EMI shielding window

Anti-Reflection glass

Anti-Reflection plastics

AR coated AG glass