Special Application Products

It is applied to display products used in harsh environment such as military ruggedized monitor, industrial display and marine equipment, and manufactured and supplied according to customer OEM specification.

EMI/RFI shielding Glass

TOVA OPTECH's EMI shielding glass is a product developed based on the long experience in the relevant special industry. It has excellent optical transmittance and perfect electromagnetic shielding function, and it is applied to various display products requiring electromagnetic EMI shielding and has a perfect electromagnetic shielding effect.

Heater glass

Industrial monitors and military monitors, which are always exposed to the low temperature environment of the outside, may experience the fog on the screen and malfunction due to low temperature.

Index matched ITO glass

By applying separate index matching coating on the surface of ITO glass window, it maximizes the reflectance and transmittance that have been lost in the existing ITO glass optical characteristics and has excellent low reflection optical characteristics.

Hybrid EMI Heater filter

Hybrid EMI Heater Glass is high-tech glass manufactured by TOVA technicians after one-year development period.