TOVA OPTECH designs and manufactures suitable optical products used to enhance the optical performance and function of various commercial displays device.

Indoor or Outdoor information display device, TV, Touch monitor, such a applications need cover window with high transmittance performance, high impact resistance, vandal proof or easy-to-clean.

We offer you a suitable display material for your individual demands. we combine it with a variety of technical specification according to your requirements

  • low reflection performance
  • clear screen performance
  • sun readability
  • scratch resistance
  • vandal proof
  • EMI shielding
  • heating
  • easy-to-clean on surface
  • IR ray transmit

Anti-Reflection glass

Anti-Reflection plastics

AR coated AG glass

UV cut glass

Anti fingerprint-free nano coating glass

Half mirror

High reflection mirror

Cosmetic Mirror

IR transmission acrylic