Optical Glass Products

TOVA OPTECH's optical glass products are high quality products that are manufactured with surface treatment using optical thin film deposition technology in large optical coating machines.

Anti-Reflection glass

TOVA OPTECH's anti-reflection glass reduces the light reflected from the display by using thin film coating technology of optical vacuum deposition to increase the transmittance of the light and improve the display resolution, enabling the monitor to realize high quality images.

Anti-Reflection plastics

TOVA OPTECH's anti-reflection plastic products are all manufactured with optical thin film coating technology to ensure the highest quality with as little reflective light as possible.

AG glass

Optically-designed anti-glare glass artificially adjusts the light transmittance and reflectance by scattering the light reflected on the glass surface. As a result, the reflected light on the display screen is alleviated and glare is prevented to create a clearer picture.

UV cut glass

This product has been optically coated to block the ultraviolet wavelength range of sunlight. It can preserve expensive painting works in direct sunlight for more than 10 years, extend the life time of electronic products and block harmful UV rays.

Anti fingerprint-free nano coating glass

This product is coated with nano material to prevent contamination of the glass surface and fingerprints. And it is a high-quality glass that provides maintenance of the surface coating quality for a long time with a competitive price.

Half mirror

This is a mirror manufactured by vacuum deposition optical coating, and adjusts the necessary transmittance (Reflectance).

High reflection mirror

Dielectric Coating Mirror: Multi-layer vacuum deposition mirror with high reflectivity of over 94%