Index Matched ITO glass

This is a product that is coated with a separate refractive index material on the surface of the ITO coating to maximize the reflectance and transmittance lost in the existing ITO glass optical properties, thereby providing excellent low reflective optical properties.
The reflection losses are converted to transmitted light by index matching.

TOVA‘s Index matched ITO coating glass with 90% high-transmittance optical properties or more is used various monitors.

Product Feature

  • Optical property :
    - Transmittance: < 90% at 440nm to 650nm
    - Reflection: > 1% or less
  • Surface resistance : 4Ω / sq ~ 25Ω / sq (designed by custom specification)
  • Excellent surface thermal uniformity


  • Avionic display
  • Viehicle display
  • Display window for optical bonding
  • Handheld Military device