Heater glass

Outdoor Display, CC camera and Military monitors which are exposed to the cold environment of the outside, may experience the moisture on the screen and malfunction due to low temperature.

TOVA heater product are manufature with electrically conductive coatings by vaccum deposition coater.

it provide the heating funtion to extend the operating temperature of LCD panel in cold environments and for the anti-fog, anti-icing of displays.
it also has the function to secure the visibility of monitor and camera equipped with heater glass by removing surface moisture and maintaining uniform temperature across the entire panel.

Product Feature

  • Substrate: Soda-lime glass, Sapphire
  • Optical transmittance: over 90%
  • Surface heating temperature: 35˚ ~ 90˚C
  • Product size: 5", 8.4", 10.4", 12.1", 15", 23"
  • All products are manufactured to custom OEM specifications.

Please contact us to discuss more detail specifcation